Centre Manager

The CM plays a critical role in driving sales for the Office and to maintain a full occupancy of the Office by achieving sales goals and managing churns. CM will ensure that the Office is efficiently managed and operated, while driving growth and promoting the brand. The CM is the leader of the Office and will be looked upon to create a community amongst our members, and to manage and guide the Member Relations team. CM is the SPOC for the facility


  • Managing Office performance, occupancy, revenue, budget, member satisfaction & growth etc.
  • Support & drive sales for the facility
  • Deliver space tours to walk-in customers; negotiate and close deals
  • Work closely with Marketing to covert leads to business for the Office
  • To manage and oversee all aspects of the Centre operations, including member relations, finance, sales, marketing and events
  • Implement and monitor systems to ensure smooth daily operations.
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Vendor management
  • Events management
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Develop and implement best practices
  • Implement attentive cost control when necessary
  • Hire, manage and motivate the team on the ground. Serve as both a coach and a team player to the member relations teams; assist to create and implement robust policy and procedures.

Who you are

  • Someone who is ready to get their hands dirty and understands that devil is in the details
  • Gets excited about working with numerous people across cultures day to day
  • Impeccable and concise communication and presentation skills, verbal and written
  • Demonstrated ability to consistently meet deadlines
  • Strong time management skills and experience managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Reliable, focused, and detail-oriented
  • Self-directed with a high level of initiative and a ‘can do’ attitude

Community Manager

Purpose of the Role

We are looking for someone who is curious and enthusiastic about bringing like-minded people together to help them do their work better.

About the Position

The Community Manager position is responsible for identifying and creating opportunities for like-minded groups or individuals to engage with each other. It will demand high levels of engagement and persuasiveness and will play a pivotal role in creating impactful internal and external communities that make work better for our members.

Overall Accountability

1. Relationship Management

  • Maintaining a productive relationship with members and making work better for them by either providing reasonable solutions within the agreed timeline or by making the right connections.
  • Building a relationship with the company & individual members to help them network, collaborate and develop meaningful work relationships.
  • Troubleshoot for members
  • Checking for future needs and problem-solving.
  • Be the go-to-person in the startup hub for all the co-workers. Also strengthen the community by making active connections, organizing regular co-worker meetups, etc.

2. Identifying and implementing new programs

  • Drive implementation of new formats, best practices & experiences in partnership with hub crew and community team through Networking externally to identify potential event formats, experiences and best practices for implementing them at the center
  • Lead events to execution. Manage the local events calendar and ensure a constant flow of events.

3. Start up Community Relationship Building

  • Represent the company in various start-up events (internal and external)
  • Build and maintain relationships with entrepreneurial networks
  • Support and lead marketing for the startup hubs. Manage outreach channels (social media, mailing list, etc) to spread the word about all the company’s initiatives especially events
  • Engaging with and making connections with people and organisations in the local ecosystem who could add value to our community

4. Driving customer success

  • Design & Deliver member-centric experiences and interactions based on common interests and member company growth goals.
  • Onboarding new members into the community.
  • Ensuring standard monthly communication is shared with respective members.
  • Ensuring each member feels that they belong to the community and are valued as such.

5. Customer acquisition

  • Deliver tours for potential leads (walk-ins or Sales pipeline) through introducing the space and community in a manner that caters to their specific needs.

6. Data Fidelity

  • Ensuring member data is updated and is current in the platform
  • Ensuring lead data is updated in the CRM platform
  • Ensuring Community Data is being updated in the events database

Are you capable for this position?

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