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The Plus Side of Working

Welcome to Plus Offices, where we redefine the way you work, one space at a time. Our story begins with a simple belief: your work should be more than just a task; it should be an experience, an inspiration, a journey. Imagine a place where visionaries unite, where groundbreaking ideas flourish, and where the future is born; That is Plus Offices in a nutshell for you.

What sets us apart is our meticulous attention to detail. From ergonomically designed furniture to thoughtfully curated amenities, every element at Plus Offices is designed with keeping you in mind. We understand that your workspace is an extension of your brand, and we ensure that it reflects your unique style and ethos.


The Plus We Provide

Our Coworking Spaces

Our Coworking Spaces

Plus Offices sector 67 facility is most amazing and one of the largest coworking space in Gurgaon. With 1,00,000 Sq Ft area It’s not just
Plus Offices, Sector 44 facility is located in the heart of New Gurugram. It is hardly 10 minute walk from the HUDA Metro Station and


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One Stop Solution

Explore Our Workspace Solutions at Plus Offices

Embark on a journey through the innovative realm of workspace solutions at Plus Offices. Step into a world where productivity meets comfort, and creativity flows freely. Discover a symphony of design, technology, and flexibility, all harmoniously orchestrated to elevate your work experience.

Flexible Workspace

Embrace the dynamic atmosphere of our flexible desk spaces, arranged in a community table setup. Join an energetic and collaborative community.

Private Office

From a team size of 2 to 20, our private cabins offer the perfect setting for focused work. Enjoy amenities like pedestal storage, whiteboards, and pin-up boards.

Fixed Seats

Fixed Seats solution offers professionals a dedicated and secure workspace at Plus Offices. This tailored approach fosters productivity.

Community Program

At Plus Offices, we believe in fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment where individuals and businesses can thrive.

Our community program is designed to connect like-minded professionals, promote networking, and enhance your overall co-working experience.


Discover the Praises of our Remarkable Clients

Read the glowing accolades from our valued clients, praising the outstanding qualities of our co-working space and the exceptional services we offer. Step into a world where our members’ satisfaction speaks volumes, as they share their experiences with us.

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